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2025-10-29 12:04 am
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This Journal is Friends Only

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If you'd like to be friends, please leave a comment here.
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2014-10-28 11:48 pm


Text Icons - Keep Making Me by Sidewalk Prophets

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Harry Pearce - Spooks - Series 1

Original photos by FuckYeahHarryAndRuth on Tumblr

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2014-10-27 09:03 pm
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Fate: A Spooks Fanfic

I wrote a one-shot today for Harry and Ruth in honor of Peter Firth's birthday. :) Harry's birthday is in a few days and I really need to concentrate on the M-rated fic I have planned to continue my tradition of celebrating Harry's birthday with a one-shot.

Fate: An HR Fanfic

Summary: An AU one-shot set in the space around episodes 7.8 and 8.1 in honor of Peter Firth's birthday.