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Birthdate:Aug 8
→ ?? who ??
∞ a woman by the name of thegrrlgeek ∞ living in harrisburg, pennsylvania ∞ and who is 30-something years old ∞ who works full time ∞ and has a lot of interests ∞ single by choice ∞ and by circumstance ∞ and who is bisexual ∞
→ // the journal //
∞ is friends only ∞ but open to most ∞ and will contain various topics ∞ not limited to my personal life ∞ my interests and hobbies ∞ my online life ∞ and my battle with mental illiness ∞
→ \\ interests \\
∞ reading fiction, non-fiction, and fanfiction ∞ writing fanfiction and fiction ∞ television shows from the us and uk ∞ genealogy ∞ history ∞ pen pals ∞ autumn ∞ cooking ∞ fandom ∞ music ∞ and so much more ∞
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2014 Reading Challenge

2014 Reading Challenge

Jennifer has
read 16 books toward her goal of 75 books.


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alan rickman, alex guarnaschelli, alf, alton brown, amazon, ancient history, anne burrell, asexual, autumn, bacon, beauty and the beast, bi curious, biographies, bisexual, blair waldorf, blair waldorf-bass, books, buffy, call the midwife, cats, chair, characters, chuck bass, cj and danny, cj cregg, cooking, creativity, creed, crochet, crochet patterns, danny concannon, darkwing duck, depression, doctor who, downton abbey, england, fairy tales, fall, fan fic, fan fiction, fandom, fanfic, fanfiction, fangirling, favorite season, female bonding, femininity, fic, fiction, fictional characters, finding oneself, fluff, folklore, food network, food porn, france, friendship, full house, genealogy, ghost stories, good eats, gossip girl, happy endings, harrisburg, harry pearce, harry potter, harry/ruth, hinder, historical fiction, history, hockey, hunger games, ice hockey, ice skating, interview with a serial killer, iron man, kittens, learning french, london, memoirs, moonlight, movies, mozart, musicals, my family, mystery, nathan fillion, nickelback, nicola walker, non-sparkly vampires, otp, paris, pen pals, pennsylvania, penpals, pepper potts, pepper/tony, pepperoni, period dramas, peter firth, philippa gregory, professor severus snape, purple, rain, reading, reign, richard armitage, robespierre, robin hood, romance, ruth evershed, scott stapp, shopping, sir harry pearce, smut, snow, song lyrics, spies, spooks, star trek, tea, television, the color purple, the three musketeers, the west wing, tony stark, tony stewart, true friendship, united kingdom, victorian era, white angel, writing, writing fanfic
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